I Handpicked the Most Beautiful Photos of Deserts

A dune, our galaxy and beautiful red light.
A stunning landscape.

Why are deserts so unique? It all comes down to weather. Large variations in temperature between day and night put a strain on the rocks, which consequently break into pieces – so deserts have such a beautiful look. Just in case you don’t trust me, here are a few examples of amazing sceneries taken in the desert:

A dune in the desert.
This close-up of a dune has an interesting striped pattern.
In this desert, living conditions are hostile for plants.
Life finds a way to grow in this arid desert.
A strange combination of our galaxy and a desert.
A few cactuses under the light of our galaxy.
Our galaxy, a rising sun and a few dead branches.
The sun is rising in the arid desert.
The tree is almost dead due to lack of water.
This tree has a hard time living in this arid place.
This mountains is so arid, there is absolutely no vegetation on it.
How a mountainous desert looks like.
A red mountain in the desert.
Due to iron oxides – rust if you will – the sand has turned red.
This desert is Earth yellow, which is one of the twelve official camouflage colors of the United States Army.
The golden sand and the azure sky make a beautiful scenery.
There are deserts on all continents, even in North America.
Two men on horseback near a cactus.
This car is trapped in the middle of the desert because your road is covered in sand.
A road covered in sand.
This is a strange scenery: snow in the desert...
One rarely witnessed snow in the desert.
How sand dunes looke like after a sandstorm.
Sand dunes in the United Arab Emirates.

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