I Handpicked the Most Beautiful Photos of Mist and Fog

The top of this snowy mountain is covered by the fog.
Lost at the top of the world.

The fog hides many mysteries–it adds a touch of drama and mysterious beauty to the landscapes. But this beauty is far from being boring. I will show you that humidity comes in all shape and form. On one side, the fog can very heavy and stifling; on the other side, the mist can seem very light.

Even though the color of this forest has just turned red, it is already covered by snow.
This forest is divided in two by the mist.
Since their fur is white, they won't have a hard time to catch their prey.
These two wolves are hidden by the fog.
The top of this mountain is just above the fog.
The feeling of being above the fog is so comforting.
A railway is crossing the forest. I like it how leaves turn red in spring.
A railyway crosses the forest.
This beautiful landscape is made from two elements: the mountain and the mist.
This mountain rises above the mist.
A stunning view from the sky.
The mist covers the forest – this stunning scenery is illuminated by a beautiful sunset.
The mist covers this splendid rock formation.
I’m on the top of the world.
It is interesting to note that the bottom of this lake is red.
The water evaporates from the lake.
This thick mist makes it hard to look at the other side of this lake.
In the morning, the humidity near the lakes usually reaches its maximum.
This woman is fishing in a boat.
Fishing takes time, so much time you might get lost in your own thoughts.
A village lost in the mist.
One of the most beautiful mountain villages.
There is so much mist, it is hard to see through the forest.
Would you enter this creepy forest?
A small fog in the woods.
Autumn has just begun, and the forest becomes mysterious.
A tree in front of the mist.
This is just a tree.

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