The Most Mesmerizing Space Photos Taken from Earth

A green polar light.
An aurora borealis in Antartica.

The Milky Way is a beautiful place. However, it is not always easy to see it from Earth. In fact, the atmosphere scatters the Sun’s light, which blocks our view of the universe for most of the day. Light pollution is not the only factor at play: the composition of the air is another big factor. Too much water vapor or fine particles can make it harder to see through. However, under the right conditions, the beauties of space appear before our eyes. So next time you go for a walk at night, look at the sky!

The purple of the lavander field matches the colors of the sky.
A beautiful lavander field, a tree and the universe.
Mountains covered in snow and beautiful lights.
Aurora borealis, a beautiful light display in the Earth’s sky
When the universe turns green.
A nice evening in the wild.
The universe is a wild place.
Beautiful stars shining in the night.
An inspiring view of the universe from Earth.
Just take a look at the sky and get inspired by our beautiful universe.

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We you are alone at night, just take a look at the stars.
Earth is small at the large scales of the universe.
We are really small, on a tiny planet.
A nice scenery: some trees, a sunset and the universe.
A sunset, some trees and the universe.
This beautiful picture will make you rethink your life.
Do you think there is life out there?
The saturated colors of the photo made the stars look purple.
Stunning vertical scenery of both Earth and space.
Our universe is beautiful, there are millions of shinny stars in this single picture.
A saturated picture of the Milky Way.

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